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After you join my Mailing List check out this site. Also If you like Designing Women Join these Lists of mine Julia Duffy Delta Burke Later I will be haveing more list of the Designing Women stars. As of 5:17 PM Auguest 16 1998 Onelist ain't accepting no list but they will in 2 weeks so check back here and in 2 weeks I WILL Have lists for Dixie Carter Jan Hooks Jean Smart and the rest of the DW cast.

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After you join my list Annie Pott List (The Pott) Here's is another Designing Women Mailing List someone on my list created This is one is everyone on the show.

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Check out my other 45 Mailing List as if date August 16 1998 at 5:25 PM. Plus more comeing soon. I have list of singers actresses actresses movies and TV series.