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Hi....And Welcome To My Days Of Our Lives ChatRoom!!!!

OK Before we began I would like to go over a few rules and pointers.....1. I started this chat room so that a bunch of days fans can get together and chat not to have cyber sex. There is a time a place for that and not typeing words on a keyboard either. Not only does it upset the other chatters it upsets the main people of this chat mainly me since I created it myself LOL. 2.If you do not like Days Of Our Lives well I guess you could come too :-) Here you can chat about anything entertianment. Talk bout your favorite actor or actress. Your favorite movies or TV series even christian chats if you want just no cyber sex :-) 3. I know at times we might let our tempers get out of control but please leave cussing to the less possible you can. I myself cus sometimes and I myself have lost my temper a time or two but you always end up saying something you don't mean. Why say something you will only regret in the future. 4. The last a final rule is you MUST enjoy yourself LOL. Nice chatting and have fun oh by the way I might just be in there one of these day. I'll surprize you on the handle but I will give you a hint it will be something with Billie in the handle since Billie Reed Brady is my FAVORITE charactor LOL. See Ya There......Billy. Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat. Your ParaChat Personal room is available immediately. If you have any problems please recheck that the HTML is copied exactly as above, and also check our FAQ at for more help. PARACHAT BUTTONS Remember to add the 'This site is powered by ParaChat' Button to your web site to let your visitors know about your very own ParaChat room. You can add this button to your site by copying and pasting the following lines of HTML to your web site. ParaChat Powered We would welcome any feedback you have on the product. Some of our most popular features are based on suggestions from our users. Thanks for hosting your chat rooms via ParaChat Personal. We wish you the very best for your new chat room and your web site. With regards ParaChat Group PARALOGIC CORPORATION ------------------------------------------------- ParaChat, the World's largest Java Chat Network. -------------------------------------------------

One Last Thing Before I leave!!!

Sorry I forgot ONE LAST RULE!!!! LOL