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Hi Guys and Gals....... Here you some Days Wavs... Click, Download and Enjoy :-)

Hi everyone. I got some sound wavs comin at ya LOL. Also I might have a pic of Bo and Hope at the top but That don't mean I want them together. I want Bo and Billie. Billie has overcame alot in her life and I think she desreves to be happy. Besides from the looks of days lately I'm beginning to think we have been lied to the last few years. I think Hope is not Hope but maybe she was right in the first place that she was turely Gina. I sure Hope she is because I really really really really really can't express that really enough LOL I really want Bo and Billie Together :-) How bout you? As for this whole John Marlena Roman issue why was Roman ever brung back in the picture anyway. Marlana and John should be together. I realize that it is in Fact Romanthat actually married Marlena in the first place and if it wasn't for Stefano John would had never be brung in the picture but I have to amit that at least Stefano done one good thing LOL John and Marlena makes a great couple. I really would like to see them together and I don't think that is asking too much LOL.

I'm glad to see Jack and Jenn together at last. Jack was in prison for killing someone who wasn't even dead. I got bad news for Jack and Jenn though no they will get together but we just won't be able to see it :-( Yep you hea5rd it right as you may already know I belong to an Days Of Our Lives Email Mailing List and I don't know if it is ture or not but it said Jack Jenn and Abby would be leaveing town but not to worry Jack and Jenn would have their happy ending. I'm glad they might be haveing an happy ending but I want to be able to share in their happiness how bout you? :-) Lets get together And go on Strike LOL As for Sammy I think her and Lucas should get together maybe even get married afterall they do have a child together :-) I know Lucas has changed alot but he still makes a perfect match with Sammy. Actually I like Lucas though I always did. I don't think he ever went as far as Sammy did. Sammy went a little too far. I'm not much of a Sammy fan myself but I guess some people are she won an award at the soap oprah digest awards this year in 98 LOL Carrie and Austin together forever!!! :-) I like Mike alot and I think Mike is a great guy and he should find love just not with Carrie :-) Enough days talk let's get to the fun part THE SOUND WAVS!!!!!!!! LOL

OK Before we begin I just would like to take an moment out to give you my email. Please email me if you have ANY days wavs you just think I gotta have HTML Codes to your pages or just the link if you would rather me put a link of my Links but I would put you banner link on my homepage if you perfer that. Oh by the way I might put up a guestbook here too haven;'t decided yet but until then would you please sign it at the front door :-) If you see a guestbook it means I decided to if not go home and sign it :-)

And Away We Go!!!! :-) The Good Part!!! THE WAVS :-)

Kristian This Is What's Left Of John And Marlena......!!!!! Sounds like she is breaking stuff too. :-)

Not sure what or who this is Don't think it's days but might be not sure but it's a great file anyway :-)

Bo Brady tells stefano you sicko you'll going to jail. :-)

John That's A Fact :-)

John Telling Bo This Leg ........ hurts :-)

Mcdonald Carey He might be dead and gone but he will live on forever. He was on Days since the beginning. He was cheif of staff at the hospitol the same position Mike is applying for. He was took from us suddently from death but we can hear his voiceeach and every day if you download this it's the opening theme to Days Of Our Lives Like sands Through The hourglass so are The days Of Our Lives :-)

Yep you guessed it the closeing theme to Days. :-)

If you want to view it go back home sorry but I ain't got it fixed to view here but below you will find a link home :-)