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I love Sports!!!!! My favorite sport is

My favorite college basketball Team
Which by the way won the Championship again this year LOL. Of I live in Kentucky at that's part of the reason I love them but They are also a great team. I live in Kentucky and Louisville Cardnals is from here but I hate them but that's another story LOL. My favorite NBA team is the Bulls and of course if I'm a fan of the Bulls my favorite MBA star is
I also Love Basball but I couldn't find any gif files for baseball YET LOL. My Favorite team is THE REDS. I absolutely HATE
I can't see no since in setting in the hot sun all day trying to get a stubid ball in a hole and wearing the most stubid Looking clothes that was ever put on the face of this earth LOL. I also hate
I think it is so stubid to risk getting killed over a stubid game LOL Well maybe you won't get killed playing football but you will get beat up pretty good LOL. I like all the other sports but I don't watch the games I might play them every now and then :-) But I never miss a basketball or baseball game LOL. All Bout Me:

Well I'm 21. I'm from a small town in Kentucky named Leitchfield. Well it ain't too small we do have a mall but it has like 10 or 15 stores in it I wouldn't call it a mall LOL. The 3rd pic on this page in me before I went to my halloween party at Mcdonalds bout 2 years ago. I was a pregnant woman. I had bout 5 pillows stuffed in that dress :-) The high heals felt like they was going to kill my feet LOL. Now I know what a woman goes through every mourning. I'm sure glad I was born a man LOL. I won that contest but now that I look back I wonder if it was worth it all I won is a bucket of candy but you should had seen what 2nd and 3rd won. It was alot worst LOL. We used to have a teather but one of our stubid lawyers shut it down he said it wasn't christian enough. So now if we want to see a theater we have to travel 30 miles to Elizabethtown. Our biggest store is Wal-Mart LOL I went to The H.W. Wilkey Elementary School. I Later Went on To The Grayson Co Middle School. Then After that I went to The Grayson Co Highschool til I was 16. I stayed home for a couple of years til I decided to go to work at Mcdonalds I worked there two years and I worked a Taco Bell and a few factory jobs. I'm an only child. I love movies and television. I collect movies I have over 3000. I also collect Marilyn Monroe Stuff. My favorite Actress is Sandra Bullock. My Favorite Singer is Prince. My favorite movie is Grease. My favorite food is Pizza. My favorite actor is Kirk Cameron. My favorite series is Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place. My favorite past time is working out and trying to get in shape. My favorite CD is Purple Rain. My favorite radio station is WBKR. The reason it's my favorite is I win stuff off of it all the time LOL. My favorite Soap is Days Of Our Lives. My favorite chat room is MINE LOL My favorite online passtime on the internet is ICQ. These are all my favorite Things. LOL

My Favorite Teacher:

Actually I have 2. The first one is Mrs. Drake. She was my 7th grade teacher and she changed my life forever. I was one of those students that was more worried about getting the babes and having everyone to like me other then worry bout my grades, but she saw more in me. :-) I remember she would have us to write journals and she might want a page and I'd write 2 or 3. I really poured my heart out in writeing and I always got an A LOL. Really I did :-) She told me I would make a great writer someday. I guess part of me always realized that but was too afraid to amit it. So I owe my life to her. As alot of you know I finished my novel I just need to send it off :-) I deicatied it to you Mrs. Drake thanks for being a friend :-) The second is my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Benningfied. She taught me my abc's and 123's before anyone esle. LOL It was her first year of teaching and she was great at it. I saw her a few years back and I told her she was one of the best teachers I ever had she smiled and said thanks. I probably made her day LOL. I just wish there was more teachers like these two because if there was I would had never quit school. (Mrs. Dubinick) Mrs. Dubinick was one of those teachers that make it easy to hate. I was in the 9th grade and I didn't have this then but I did have a typewriter. I had her for typeing. I was a great typer. I could type like 80 words a minuite. I was the fasted typer in my glass. I would get done before everyone. I was dateing someone at the time but that was beside the point LOL. She excused me of typing love letters in class this really got me upset LOL. She told me she wanted to see my folder so being the little butthole I was I removed all my papers and the next day took her an empty folder. LOL She looked at it and seen it was empty she said something but I forget what. I told her I guess I was typing love Letters in class LOL. I wasn't that nice bout it though. I cussed her out for which seemed to be the whole period. All my friends was so surprized they couldn't even type LOL. They couldn't believe I was doing this because I've always been the one that wanted everyone to like me they never really seen me get upset til now LOL. She kept telling me to go to the office I yelled and said no way i'm not going finally I went. Cussed him out then she came in I cussed them both out LOL. They was going to give me detention. I ripped it up and threw it in their face. LOL The next day I quit LOL.


When I was 13 I was saved then baptisted a few weeks later. When I was 16 I quit church. I wanted to go out and live life to the fullest. That was stubid. LOL When I turned eighteen I started working at Mcdonalds. I met Tammy (Who I later got engaged to I'll explain later :-)) She got me back in church. And I was back with god once again

Then in June of 97 I got the Holy Ghost (Speaking In Tongues) It was the greatest night of my life. :-) I later started preaching and started going to my christian chat room well it ain't really mine but I call it that anyway LOL.
Now I preach every now and then but now that often :-( I might try to get on the radio later I just ain't sure when :-) But I will never stop loveing God and if it his will I will always tell bout the turth no matter who it hurts LOL.

My Exs LOL:

Well I've had alot of exes really LOL. But the two I most loved was my first love Melissa and the woman I was enaged to Tammy. I'm 21 years old and I've had over 30 girlfriends 6 just within the last 2 years. I have never actually been on a date just meeting someone I walked up and ask her out she said yes and we started an instant relationship. Now even though I hate being single I'm taking a break LOL. Me and Tammy met at Mcdonalds got enaged she left me for another man named dwyane swift. We had our whole life planed we wanted twins Dakota Shane and Cameron Guy. We wanted at least 2 more kids we wanted the other 2 girls but never agreed on names LOL. I'm still not over her but I'm trying it is very hard LOL. Melissa well we met in the first grade. We dated off and on for 7 years. Me and my cousin wanted her and I won her but what did I win LOL. Not really LOL She's a great girl even though we don't speak anymore. LOL She has a boy now but not married.

Wanta Contact me ICQ ME 4541051 Or Sign My GUESTBOOK oe you can just EMAIL ME Take your pick :-)



My ICQ number is 4541051 My nick is 1ofGod's My Christian Chat name. Also I have Greasefan&ONJ2 but I forgot that UIN. It's mostly for people I met useing the ICQ Users Lists if you don't know what that is that is where you find people that like the same stuff you do. For an example one of the Lists I belong to Is Mark Paul Gosslaar (Zack Morris Saved By The Bell) I belong to servral lists. :-) My third nick is Littlerascal little rascal is for all the other areas. I have like 2 or 3 thousand ICQ friends all together so if I don't split the lists up I tend to get confused which ain't that hard when you have that many people on your ICQ List LOL.

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