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I've been Dreamin Bout You (Singing)

WWW E....Mail (Also Singing It)

My Name Is Prince (Singing)

This is aerosmith. He is makeing some type of noise (The Lead Singer)


If you got anything of Prince please send it to me either by email or ICQ. Prince is my favorite singer and I really ain't got nothing on him. Oh by the way I had to move my Marilyn Momroe Wav tonight. Moveing it in a new place. Since I had to put up these pics at the page I didn't the diskspace. Also I will have more aerosmith photos later but not here on some photo album I guess. The next ones will be the group. I just couldn't resist adding that one she looks so much like Lisa Marie Presley. Maybe it is maybe it's not. I have no idea. I didn't make it. I stole it from a website LOL As for Prince couldn't find anything but the symbol. If you have any pics or wavs or homepages of prince please tell me bout it. Thanks Billy